Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Casting on Again :o)

Although I decided that I want a bigger version of the SW shawl ,I didn't want to cast on for another triangular shawl straight away. I looked through this book and found the feather and fan shawl which uses the Old Shale pattern but is knitted across the length of the shawl rather than by casting on the short side/end.

Actually I looked through all my books :o) there's a couple of pleasant hours gone.

Once I'd wound the Emily yarn (Patter) which I got in the last PY sale I had to cast on last night. 390 stitches - that's a long row!
I am using the Emily which caused me so much confusion last time and size 5mm KnitPicks Options needles. Just doing my second repeat. This is a stocking stitch version of the feather and fan so the second row is purl - there are 6 YOs and K2togs instead of the 8 in the SW but otherwise pretty much standard stuff and I am hoping good for a variegated yarn :o)

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