Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chugging along

I am now around row 48 for the penultimate time. The rows must be about 350 stitches long. At this stage it is rather like knitting a surprise item for yourself, because although I can stretch out a little of the fabric to see the lace pattern, it is a long time since I was able to flatten out the shawl to get a view of it in its entirety. I am definitely excited to see how it will look when it is finished.
As others have observed before me, lacework looks like a pile of rags (or at least, mine does!) while it is being knitted, and blocking is the final moment of magic. I've never blocked anything before but love the feel and drape of the fabric I am knitting up. I only hope that it looks as good as it feels when it is done.

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